Why to have your own Realtor during a New Home’s Construction

Some new home buyers believe they don’t need a Realtor when building a new home, but the truth is, you want someone in your corner when making this large purchase and decision.


First of all, you’ll get to see ALL the homes and styles on the market- and not just the homes from one particular builder. Your Realtor will be able to make appointments for you to see every style you’re interested in.

Next, you get your own time table. If you meet with the builder’s agent, each meeting takes at least an hour and is more difficult to schedule, as they have other potential clients to look at each house. With your own Realtor, you can see homes on YOUR schedule, not work around their schedule, and you can spend just a few minutes or longer, depending on YOUR interests.

Another benefit to having your own Realtor is to know which items are upgrades and which aren’t. When taking my clients through a spec home, I let them know which features come with the build, and which ones they will pay more for right up front, so they don’t have to question each detail when deciding if they like the home or not. Almost 50% of my clients last year who bought a house chose  ato do a new construction home, so I get plenty of practice in determining what comes standard and what doesn’t!

As an experienced Realtor, I also know the reputations of the builders as I work with them often. I can let you know which ones are accurate on their build times, which ones don’t include an AC in their base price (which adds an extra $4,000 to each home!) and generally which do quality work and which do more affordable work. I can help you compare and contrast, to decide if you want to compromise more on quality, the amount of floor space, or on features.

I can also inform you which upgrades will get you a return on value when you resell your home someday and which upgrades add no monetary value. One example is vaulted ceilings! They cost more but will NOT increase the value of your home!

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, if you hire me, I’ll be there to negotiate on your behalf and for your interests. When you work with a builder’s agent, that agent relies on nearly all of their business to come from the builder and their main concern may be to keep the builder happy instead of keeping you happy. Obviously, my primary design will be to make sure you get what you want and need in your future home!

If you’re thinking of building a home in Utah and have questions, feel free to reach out to me via text/e-mail, or even shoot me good old-fashioned phone call!

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