Can a Realtor Work Part Time?

Yes, technically, you can be. Some Realtors try to be part time, but it’s difficult to do so, both for yourself financially and in what you are able to offer your clients. I checked my profit and loss sheet last year, and I spent $5,000 on my license, fees, MLS access, etc. If you only sell a few homes each year, have to save 1/3 of that for taxes, AND spend $5,000 just to maintain your Realtor status, it’s probably not worth it to you.

When I started out in real estate, it was more for a hobby than anything else and I thought I’d be part time. As I became better acquainted with what it took to do real estate, I realized that in order to best serve my clients when asking them to trust me with their most expensive purchase, I needed to be as active and informed about the market as humanly possible. This meant being a full time Realtor. I made that decision early on and haven’t looked back since.

While I wouldn’t recommend being a part time Realtor, if you ever have a question and maybe think being a real estate agent is for you, I am very willing to answer any questions you might have and help you on your way.

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