Does Staging Matter when Selling your Home?

To be brief, YES! It makes a big difference! Most buyers can’t visualize a space without staging, meaning that if there’s no furniture in the home, it’s difficult for them to imagine how the space will work. The three most important rooms to stage are the front room, the kitchen, and the master bedroom. When a home is vacant, buyers often try to figure out if their bed will fit comfortably in the master bedroom.

Quick tip for staging your home- downsize your bed! If you have a king sized bed, put a queen in when selling it. If you have a queen already, put a full sized bed in instead. It makes the space feel roomier.

The way you make the most money on your home is to get the most exposure possible. A beautifully staged home with professional photography will be much more likely to attract foot traffic.

Statistically speaking, you will make 586% more than what you spend on staging if you stage. For example, I spent $2000 on staging my home when I sold it last, which means I made $12,000 more on that home than I would have, simply because it looked better.

So, does staging matter? YES! When you sell with me, I have a staging consultation, tips, and help that I give you free to get you top dollar for your home!

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