Home Inventory is LOW in Utah County!

What does that mean? It means that compared to this time last year, there are 26% fewer homes available on the market in Utah. 35% fewer are available in Utah county specifically, and a whopping 45% fewer are on the market in Salt Lake county.

Interest rates hit a three-year low a few weeks ago, which allows buyers to spend a lot more on their home but get the same monthly payments. Naturally, this has people trying to buy as quickly as possible, depleting the available inventory of homes on the market.

If you’ve been thinking about selling and are serious, call me, text me, or email me, and let’s work to get your house on the market right now, while inventory levels are still low. If you’re selling for less than $700,000, you will likely be able to get multiple offers on your home (think- people competing to spend more on your home!).

This is a rare bubble and rare opportunity to sell your home for top dollar!

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