What to Do if Agreed upon Repairs Don’t Happen

It’s a potential nightmare. You are buying a home, the seller has agreed to fix something, and then on the final walk-through, you see the repair hasn’t happened.

What do you do?

I’ve found that while people may have great intentions, once they get the money from the sale of the house, they are far less motivated to get fix something on the home, even if they agreed to do it. So while they would still be responsible for the repair even after closing on the home since they had agreed to it, it can be like trying to drag them through the mud to get it finished.

My quick fix? Have the seller pre-pay to have the service done quickly, they get their money from closing on the home. It makes sure that the repair gets done and paid for without having to extend and change the closing date.

Get a good negotiator like me on your side when you buy a home and make sure you’re protected!

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