What you Pay to Sell your House and what you Net are NOT the Same Thing

I was recently working with a seller who was considering using a discount broker. “After all,” he reasoned, “who doesn’t love a good discount?” Well, while we all do love a good discount, what you pay to sell your house and what you net at the end are NOT the same thing.

To put it succinctly, you could pay someone just $5,000 to sell your house. But if that person ended up selling your house for $20,000 less than someone you could have paid $10,000, you may felt that you saved money in beginning, but you actually lost money in the end.

I bring this up because I have seen this scenario happen time and time again. A discount broker is hired to sell a home and because they don’t get as involved or assist the seller in all of the details, the seller ends up selling their home for much less and losing money in concessions than another seller with a similar house but a full service, stellar Realtor.

That’s why who you hire matters. I can give you point-by-point breakdowns and show you specific examples if you’re interested- just shoot me a message! I can show you that you get what you pay for- and I almost always make my client more money than I cost to hire!

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