A Tale of Two Offers

It’s something I say often- who you hire matters- but today, I want to illustrate that with a story.

I recently had a listing where I received two offers.

With the first offer, the agent called me before the showing to let me know that their buyers were fairly interested, then called again after the showing to say that they were definitely interested. The agent asked me what my seller wanted and needed in an offer, then sent the offer over, complete with a letter giving all the information I would need about the buyers, including how qualified they were and their lender’s information, so I could call and ask questions and verify that it’s a bona fide offer.

With the second offer, I didn’t know the buyer was interested, so I was surprised to find an email with an offer that was sent automatically with the buyer’s signature and no approval letter or lender information whatsoever.

Now, with these two offers, they were almost the exact same price, but the terms were much different. Naturally, the first offer was the one my buyers accepted. Can you imagine how frustrated you would be to find out that your offer wasn’t accepted, not because of the price you were willing to pay, but because of your Realtor?

Who you hire matters! Going through the process of buying and selling, it’s not all about the price; it matters who is there guiding you through and how well they take care of you!

These are uncertain times and now, more than ever, clients need a professional Realtor that they can depend and rely on to make it through the process with as little stress as possible. Please reach out if you need any help with buying or selling in Utah or Salt Lake counties!

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