How to Have the Best Online Presence for Your Home

Ever since we have shifted to social distancing, the online traffic of browsing houses online has never been higher.

 Every year the National Association of Realtors does a study to see where people found the home that they bought, and the stats show that 50% of people found the home they bought online.

In order to catch buyer’s attention we are using a new software called Materport 360, it is similar to Google Street view for your home and they can virtually walk through your house. We have been doing this for a few months now, and we have seen some great success with creating an online home tour experience that feels real.

The online views for these homes are 857 impressions in the last 15 days and unique visits were 678. With this data we know a couple people are coming back to look again, but we have 678 more views for your home looking for when it comes to getting your home sold. With numbers like that, your online presence is vital when it comes to selling your home.

When I say online presence I mean the photography, the staging used in that photography, and the words that are used in your homes description that capture people’s attention. Depending where your house is, there are unique things that draw people to it. For example, a house in North East Lehi may sell for way more than a house in Spanish Fork that is the exact bed and bathroom count and square footage, based on how it was presented online.

The technical term for all of this is called copy-writing. Copy-writing is what matters when it comes to getting your house sold. Your online presence is what attracts people and that is what gets your house sold for top dollar.

If you are thinking about selling now is a great time, and we are dedicated to making sure that your online presence is supreme. Reach out to me if you have any questions.

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