Should I Buy a Home?

The two things trending on Google this week are:
1.) Should I buy a home?
2.) The home buying process

These searches are telling us that buyers are back on the market, and they are thinking about getting ready yo buy a house.

What is the home buying process?

I have a whole meeting where I go over with my buyers the whole entire process. We talk about the details of home buying from start to finish which includes:

  • Meeting with lenders
  • Contract to close 
  • Typical costs
  • Different loan options 
  • What the lender will need for your loan options 
  • Pros and cons of short sales, HUD homes, and bank owned homes
  • Open houses and why you want to avoid them as a buyer
  • New construction
  • Home owners insurance and life insurance
  • Due diligence
  • Checking out HOA information
After all of that we go over your wants and needs. There is a lot more to buying a house than just finding one you want, and I would love to meet with you in person or over a video call to go over that whole process more. 
So, should you buy a home? The real thing is it depends on you and your families circumstances. For example if you are going to be moving in the next year, probably not. If you are going to be settled, ready to go, and you have a job set, and your job stability is fine, now is still a great time to buy. 
Reach out to me if you are thinking about buying a home and we can go through the home buying process together. 

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