What are the Two Separate Realtor Roles?

What does a Realtor actually do? It’s a common question, but we can give you a pretty clear answer: it depends on who you hire and what job you are asking them to do.

When it comes to real estate agents, there are two distinct roles that they can play. One, is as a listing agent, who works for the seller and their job is to help the seller sell their home. Secondly, we have the buyer’s agent, who works for the buyer to help them buy their home. These are vastly different roles. The listing agent will handle things likes staging and marketing, while the buyer’s agent will help you to handle financing, lending, inspections, appraisals, etc.

In these two distinct roles, a fine balance is required. When you hire an agent, you are hiring them for a specific role: to represent you and your cause. Your agent needs to be able to work to get you the best possible deal while not taking advantage of the other party.

Now, in today’s Realtor culture, there is a trend where a team of real estate agents combines forces and separates their work into buying and selling agents, keeping the two topics and parties apart.

Image result for becca summers realtor utahNow, for myself, I handle BOTH roles- I work actively as a buyer’s agent as well as a listing agent This is a real plus for my clients. When I’m giving my sellers advice about the current trends and what buyers want, I am speaking from real, current experience from taking buyers out and listening to their needs. If, however, I embraced the trend to work SOLELY as a listing agent, I would miss out on valuable insights into what buyers are asking for and needing. Working in both roles, I can give the best to my clients on both sides, whether I serve as a buyers agent for them in finding that perfect home or as a listing agent, where I help them sell their home for top dollar.

Now, the question we can never all agree on- is it easier to BUY a home or to SELL a home!? What do you think? Comment below!

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