Brady Summers

How to Buy and Sell Real Estate Out of State

You CAN buy a home OR sell a home while not in the actual state where the property is. It takes a little extra leg-work, but it is possible! If you are looking to buy a home out of state, I highly recommend at least coming into town once to see available homes in person.

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Why You Want a Realtor when Building a New Home

I was teaching a new agent class and an agent asked me this question. Why would a buyer want a Realtor with them when buying a brand new home? Well, today I had an experience that perfectly illustrated why an agent is so helpful. I have a client building with a builder who doesn’t do

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Difference between Market Value and Appraised Value

Market Value vs. Appraisal Value What are they and how are they different? When selling a home, these are the two things that establish the value of your home. The market value is what the buyer thinks the home is worth and the appraisal value is what the appraiser thinks the home is worth. Appraisers

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How to Have a Smooth Home Closing

Besides the purchase price on a home and terms (like what things need to be fixed or updated), the most common thing that is fought over during a real estate transaction towards the end of your contract is…. the possession date. Possession date is the date stated in the contract that the buyer can obtain

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Selling a Home in Utah?

As a Realtor, selling a home is more complicated than helping someone buy a home. This is because of the complexity of pricing. Homes are priced based on sold comparable homes (which are homes that are similar to yours in a similar neighborhood that have recently sold). I excel at this because I understand the

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