Brady Summers

How to Save Money While House Shopping

1- Look at homes that have been on the market longer than average days on market. This usually provides more negotiation room since the sellers are more desperate. 2- Look when the last price reduction was. Timing offers before another price reduction you may be able to pick up the home for less than they

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5 Tips on How to Spot a Good Deal Buying a Home

Are you looking to get a good deal on your next home? Here are 5 things we look for when helping our clients try to find properties under their market value. 1- Bad pictures online. If the pictures are bad, a lot of buyers won’t come see the home. This puts you in a better

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What Does an Appraiser Look For?

Do you wonder what an appraiser actually looks for when appraising your home? Here are the top 5 things that they look for when determining the value of your home. 1- House Square Footage, this is measured from the exterior of the home. 2- Verifying the bedroom counts. They must have a closet, a window,

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Staging A Home Without A Bed

Are you looking to stage your home to get it ready to sell, but don’t have a good bed? In this video, Becca shows you how we stage our vacant homes to make it look like a high end bed. The best part is that its a lot more affordable and way lighter than bringing

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10 Items to Check Before Your Home Inspection

@seasonsrealestate 10 items to check before your home inspection. #homeinspection ♬ original sound – Becca Summer Ten things to check before the home inspection on your house, as a seller. The purpose of the home inspection is to prove that the items were in working order during the inspection period (also known as the due

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How to Buy and Sell Real Estate Out of State

You CAN buy a home OR sell a home while not in the actual state where the property is. It takes a little extra leg-work, but it is possible! If you are looking to buy a home out of state, I highly recommend at least coming into town once to see available homes in person.

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