Kelle Snaps-New App for Home Buyers and Sellers!

Meet Kelle, your Keller Williams personal assistant. Kelle is the first AI partner who knows all about real estate and YOUR neighborhood.

Just released to the market, welcome the Kelle Snaps app! lt allows you to access neighborhood specific data on sales prices and more.

Let’s say you’re driving around and think, “Oh, my, this neighborhood seems perfect!” All I have to do is pull up the snap for that area and find information on that neighborhood, such as the average price point of houses, the number of active listings, how many are under contract, the average days on market… and I can send all of this information to you!

Maybe you’re looking to sell your home? I can quickly look up your neighborhood on the app and get a beginning idea of what’s happening in your immediate neighborhood. Because so much of real estate is based upon location, having specifics for your location can be a game changer when getting ready to sell.

If you want a snapshot of your neighborhood-I’m here- and I can send you a link to your neighborhood.
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Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed today’s quick tip!

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