Do Solar Panels Add Value to Your Home in Utah?

Do solar panels add value to your home? The short answer? No! Not for resell value.

The long answer, however…. is it can sometimes help to sell your home, if not add to the price.

If your solar panels are paid off, it makes your home more desirable to buyers. It may not make your home worth extra money immediately, but if a buyer can choose from your home, with solar panels, rather than another home at a similar price without solar panels, that alone can persuade them to buy your home.

The more buyer demand you have, the better chance you have of getting multiple offers and the better chance you have of getting a higher price.

On the other hand, if your solar panels are NOT paid off and the potential buyer has to assume your loan, that can be a detriment to them choosing your house. It may even mean they are unable to qualify for a loan on your home due to the extra debt.

So, for solar panels: buy them for yourself if you want them, but DON’T buy them thinking they will add inherent value to your home!

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