What’s the True Value of a Realtor?

Why do people hire a Realtor?

What’s the value in having a Realtor represent you?

Simply put-

A skilled one can save you or net you thousands of extra dollars.

Case in point.

I recently had a client who had a need for a specific home type in Lehi that wasn’t currently on the market. I took another Realtor with me and knocked doors in that neighborhood trying to find someone who was willing to sell their home but who hadn’t yet listed it. We found a home where the owners were ready and willing to sell. They didn’t want to do any upgrade work, which other Realtors had suggested they do, and so were willing to sell their home for what they realized was under market value. My client was ready and willing to do the upgrade work himself and was happy to find a great deal. Both the owners AND my client were happy with this well-balanced arrangement.

Get a great Realtor- I can certainly recommend myself!- and see what a difference it can make for you, not only in reducing stress and frustration, but in saving you your hard-earned dollars!

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