What’s the Value of My Home?

“What is my home worth?” “How can I price my home?” “What do you think my home will sell for?” I get variations of this question ALL. THE. TIME.

So, let me answer THIS question for you.

How do I found out the value of my home?

First of all- DON’T turn to a website like Zillow, Trulia, or Redfin to guess at your home’s value. They use an automated system that gives you a VERY general ballpark on prices. BUT, it’s usually off by tens of thousands of dollars. Utah is a non-disclosure state, meaning that these websites don’t have access to the prices that homes are actually sold for. This is one reason why their pricing is so off.

Secondly, DON’T try to go off an appraisal’s value. An appraiser assess the raw data, but not the marketability of the home.

The best way to get accurate pricing on your home is to have a Realtor actually COME INSIDE YOUR HOUSE and do a full evaluation. They can take into consideration things like a garage, pool, basement apartment, etc. These are things that can add-or take away- value to specific buyer groups. A Realtor needs to see the condition of your home in person and compare it to other homes sold in the area.

In neighborhoods with lots of custom homes, this can be especially difficult as there are not always comparable homes to use in pricing. A competent Realtor, however, can do the legwork for you and get you an accurate idea of your home’s value.

Let me do the homework for you- and find out the ACTUAL value of your home and its likelihood of selling!

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