How to Have a Smooth Home Closing

Besides the purchase price on a home and terms (like what things need to be fixed or updated), the most common thing that is fought over during a real estate transaction towards the end of your contract is…. the possession date.

Possession date is the date stated in the contract that the buyer can obtain possession (or get the keys!) to the home.

However, after settling terms on closing, it can take four days to get your keys!

Let’s say you closed on your home on a Friday and wanted to move the next day on Saturday. That might not work! It can take time for monies to be processed, among other things.

This is one reason I have my moving truck available to all of my clients. I had a client who had loaded everything up to move, only to find out that their closing had been pushed off because the sellers had an unexpected emergency. Instead of unloading and reloading everything off of the truck from Saturday to the following Monday, they could leave everything in my moving truck- giving them a MUCH smoother transition!

One thing that is CRUCIAL to a smooth closing (and getting your house on the date that you want it!) is OPEN COMMUNICATION between the Realtors of both the buyers and sellers.

This open communication is most often possible between invested Realtors with experience- so go with someone who is actively engaged with plenty of experience to make sure you have a smooth closing.

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