It’s EXPENSIVE to be your Own Realtor!

I recently worked with some clients who had tried, on their own, to purchase a home three times between 2016 and now. Each time, some obstacle or problem came between them and their dream of owning a home- and each one of those obstacles came because they were confronted with an issue that a professional would have guided them around or through with no issue. But, as they were determined to go it alone, they ended up being unable to close on the home they wanted.

In 2016, the average price for a 4 bath, 3 bedroom home was $278,000. In 2019, that same home is valued at $360,000.

These clients had lost out on $82,000 in JUST equity by not successfully buying a home the first time they tried to do so.

A professional lender should be able to give you what your loan amount is going to be, what you can truly qualify for AND afford, plus a fairly good idea of your expected mortgage BEFORE you go under contract. A professional Realtor guides you through the process and helps you understand home values, which areas are likely to go up, and the best times and places to invest in.

Not working with a professional can cost you a lot of money!

Save yourself the hassle- work with the best!

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