No Money Down Home Loans in Utah

No money down home loans in Utah!

Sounds pretty good, right?

We’ve talked about this before-No Money Down Home Loans– but today, I want to talk specifically about one of the best options.

This loan program is through Mountain America Credit Union.

-Must be a first time home buyer
-Must have credit score of at LEAST 660 (but 680 will get you a better interest rate!)

Now- why is this particular loan so compelling for a first time buyer?

First of all- there are no restrictions on where you live. Other no money down loans, like USDA Rural Housing loans, require you to buy a home in a VERY specific area.

Secondly- there are NO income restrictions. Other loans- like Utah Housing loans-require a certain income range. With this Mountain American Credit Union loan, you can have any income, so long as it’s high enough to qualify for the home itself!

Thirdly- the rates are cheaper! Compared side-by-side to other loan types, the average monthly payment is $100 to $150 LESS than other no money down loans.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?! Feel free to contact me and I can give you more details!

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