Picking Paint Colors when Buying a New Construction Home

Let’s say you are buying a new home and picking out upgrades and paint colors. Most (if not all!) of us get excited about customizing our options, picking paints that express us, and little details we feel we can’t live without.

Of course, being the numbers nerd that I am, I can’t help but think about re-sale value. If I LOVE lilac and paint my entire home lilac, it might suit me- but would hurt the re-sale value of my home. (Not everyone is willing to take on a project like a lilac-colored home!)

So, when I have a client picking out upgrades- and even paint colors- I recommend that they consider how these decisions will affect the resale value of their home, should they sell their home someday. (And as people sell their home on an average of every five years, there’s a good chance they WILL sell their home!)

So, here is the lamentable (only because it is unexciting) truth:

Builder standards will typically give you the best return.

Builders professionally craft homes that will appeal to the greatest number of people by using soft colors that don’t make bold statements. You might want to change or upgrade things that are comfort related (like extra pad on the carpeting!) but visually, going with what the builder has set standard will make your home easier to sell down the road.

Now, if you just HAVE to have that red accent wall- go for it! Just know that you may have to change it when it comes time to sell!

Have questions about the most common color trends used by builders right now? Feel free to reach out and contact me!

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