Top 3 Questions to Ask when Hiring a Realtor to Sell your Home

If I had a family member or friend out of state and wanted to find them a good Realtor to help them with buying or selling a home, these are the three questions I would ask them.

1- How many transactions did you do last year? How many of those were buyers and how many were sellers? It takes a different skill set to do each and I’d want to make sure I picked a Realtor who had the skills to match my needs.

2-What is your home list to sales ratio? For example- if they listed 10 homes for sale in the past year and sold 5 of them, they’d have a 50% sales ratio (which is terrible!)

3-What’s your list price to sold percentage? If they listed a home for a million dollars but sold it for $900,000, that would be 90% of list price. (And for the record- 90% is pretty terrible, too!)

Now, let’s say you were interviewing ME and wanted to ask those questions? Let me answer them!

1-I’ve had 33 transactions- 17 were for people selling a home, 16 were for people buying a home.

2-I’ve sold 100% of the homes I have listed (my only exceptions were three different sellers whose circumstances changed and they decided to stay in their homes).

3- My percentage is 107%. I work hard to know the numbers so that I can price your home right at market value AND get the largest number of interested buyers who are motivated!

Want to know how I do what I do? Feel free to contact me and I’ll give you all the details!

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