Why you Should Accept Every Showing Request when Selling your Home

I see it all too often. I’m working with a buyer, trying to schedule times for when my client can come see a home they are interested in and we are told that the home is unavailable on certain days or at certain times. There are countless reasons why a home seller would be unwilling to vacate at certain times (kids’ nap times, for one!)- but it hurts their chances of selling their home.

You don’t know who your end buyer might be- and it’s possible that the only time they can come to see your home is during your kid’s nap time. Or later in the evening than you might prefer. Every time you turn down a showing or push off their time, you could potentially be losing the person who would buy your house.

Yes, it can be frustrating (I know of people who take a three day mini-vacation when they put their home on the market so that they can have unlimited showings!) but it’s not as frustrating as missing out on a potential buyer!

This is another reason why having your own Realtor is helpful- they schedule showings and use a lock box with a key to your home to allow other Realtors in to show the home. (Meaning you don’t have to find someway to give someone access to your home during working hours like you would if you were trying to sell your home by yourself!)

I recently took a client out to look at homes. From 12 potential homes, he picked out 3 to look at that day. One of the three denied the showing, saying they were only available on another day, so he picked another from his back-up list to look at. Because that home denied the showing, we won’t end up seeing it at all and my client will buy another home. For my client, that’s just fine. But for that seller… It’s another story.

So, allow as many showings as possible and be accommodating! Even those at awkward times- it could be the difference between selling your home- or not!

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