I Want to be your Realtor for Life and Your Family’s Realtor

I want to be your Realtor, and your family’s Realtor for life. This means that I am going to give you advice that actually matters to you and your family, not things that are just going to help me sell another house. I know that sounds weird as someone who works in sales and that part of my job is to help you sell the house, but my goal in life is to be your Realtor from here forward.

I don’t want to make short sided decisions that are going to affect your family. What do I mean by that?

Recently I was in a referral group, where we would share referrals back and forth. One of the family members from someone in the group came up to me and told me that they were going to be selling their house. After looking at their loan options I realized that there was a better loan option for them, but because I was in that referral group, they didn’t want me to give that information to that client. I chose to give that information to that client, because they were my client and I wanted to do what was best for them, even if it wasn’t seen as right by the referral group. I actually got kicked out of the referral group because of this decision of taking care of my client above my own best interests. Even though it has potentially hurt my business, I don’t care because I care more about that client and what will affect them for the rest of their lives. In the end, his monthly payment changed by $200 dollars, so it ended up being a big deal.
Recently I met with some sellers that were in a situation that they had family estate taxes and it had been a rental for a really long time, but mom was still alive. I recommended that it was probably a better idea to not sell the house right now, because the capital gains that they would pay would be quiet extensive. I thought that it was a better idea to wait because they had no use for the money beyond using it as a rental and mom didn’t care to sell the house. So, in their situation it made more sense to keep the house as a rental instead of keeping the capital gains of the cost of selling the house.

I always want to help my clients make the best decision for them. No matter what the market looks like, I always look at all the factors to see what will be the greatest choice for my clients and their families and I put their interests first.


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