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Unveiling the Fiduciary Role: Why Your Real Estate Agent Puts You First

In the world of real estate, the terms “fiduciary” and “functionary” hold profound significance, shaping the relationship between agents and their clients. At Seasons Real Estate, we pride ourselves on being fiduciaries, a distinction that goes beyond mere function and places your needs at the forefront of every transaction. Understanding Fiduciary Duty: Before delving into

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How Much do Realtors Actually Make?

In this post I wanted to address the popular question “How much do Realtors make?” I want to look at the numbers and do some math. The median income for Realtors is 42K a year. Keep in mind that this number has those Realtors that don’t sell any houses in a year, and those that

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Case Study: Who You Hire Matters

There are lots of options when it comes to hiring a Realtor. You can hire your friend, your neighbor, someone you don’t know, a professional, and so on. There are TONS of options out there and it is actually surprising how many Realtors there actually are. I thought I would share a case study of

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