Real Estate Statistics

Everything I do in my business is based around statistics. What the average time on market is for your price point? What is happening for your neighbors? How can you look like the best deal on the market?

Why do statistics even matter when it comes to real estate? The statistics are what you are compared against when buyers are out looking. So what happens when you put your house on the market is that you are looking to sell your house to a buyer who is actively looking in the market. By ‘actively looking’ I mean that they are looking at everything and anything: price, price per square foot, finishes in the house, and touring the house. If you aren’t aware of everything in the market, how can you actively price your house in a way that makes you stand out and look like a good deal?

There are some price points where people will buy a house no matter what the price is because they want certain things but that doesn’t start happening until you get into the million+ market. If you are under 1 million dollars, the price really matters, and what amenities come with the house make a huge difference. These numbers are how we make sure that you sell your house for top dollar and you aren’t waiting for extra mortgage payments while you are selling your house.

If you are looking to sell your house and you want mortgage, statistic backed data, reach out to me and we can go over some numbers.

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