Moving Day

So you bought a house and how you get to move in! How do you go about planning and coordinating for that?

My first tip is to make sure that you transfer your utilities before you even close on the property. You can schedule to have the utilities transferred to your name the day after you close so you aren’t paying for any of the time the seller is in the home, but it’s good to do that, so you don’t have to pay a re-connection fee when all is said and done, especially if the seller chooses to turn off their utilities early.

Next tip is going to the city and letting them know you are the new homeowner. Sometimes you can do this online, some cities make you take your paperwork into the city to do it, but that way you can transfer the water and city bills to yourself. You can order another garbage can if you need one, or to order a green waste garbage can.

If you have a mailbox, make sure that the mailbox keys and the garage door opener are there. These are often missed when we transfer from seller to buyer. If that happens to you and I’m your Realtor, reach out to me and I will make sure we can track down where those items may have gone.

Make sure to re-key your house. Changing the key is super important, you don’t know how many people previously had a copy of the key to the house you are buying. Also change your garage code, it is pretty simple all you need to do is identify the maker of your garage keypad, google it, and find how to reset it. All the companies have tutorials on this specific change.

Another tip is to have your house cleaned before you move in to it. By you, your friends, or a professional cleaner. It is so nice to move into a fresh clean house.

Scheduling a moving truck is always a tricky balance, because how the contract is set up determines how you get possession of the house. It can be sooner or it can be later. Having that in plan to make sure you know when funding will take place can make a big difference. When you work with me you get to use our moving truck for free, all that we ask is that you fill it up with gas after.

If you are doing any big projects like painting or carpeting, make sure you do that before you move in if you can, because after you move in it is always just a little bit harder.

Once you move in… the last step is to enjoy you house, because it was a lot of work to get there. If you are looking to buy in the great state of Utah, reach out to me here I would love to give you our buyer’s book that goes over the whole process from start to finish.


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