10 Items to Check Before Your Home Inspection

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Ten things to check before the home inspection on your house, as a seller.

The purpose of the home inspection is to prove that the items were in working order during the inspection period (also known as the due diligence period).

1- Change your furnace filter, best to do this 2-3 weeks before inspection.

2- Make sure the inspector has access to attics, crawl spaces, electrical panels, water heaters, access panels, furnaces, air conditioners, and roofs.

3- Mitigating Radon false positives. Radon is a low lying gas that collects in rooms, typically basements that have poor circulation. Before an inspection, ensure that vents in unused basement rooms are open, doors are open. In warm months maybe open some windows and allow good circulation before the inspection. The inspector will place the radon machine in a location that will likely have higher results, so before the test begins, cleaning out the build up will help get more accurate results.

4- Have the furnace and HVAC system serviced. This shows the inspector the furnace is in good working order. It will alleviate any questions if the home has been properly taken care of by you.

5- Replace old smoke detectors, and batteries in any that are chirping. Smoke detectors expire at 10 years. Inspectors all the time call out old smoke detectors in their reports.
6- Ensure all windows open and close properly as well as lock properly.
7- Have a plumber verify your water pressure is properly setup. High water pressure can cause damage to faucets, fixtures and appliances. Low pressure can be a problem while trying to shower, do dishes, flush the toilets. Having a plumber verify the pressure is setup correctly is an affordable way to minimize those being called out.
8-  Replace lightbulbs, any burnt out lightbulb should be replaced. All bulbs in a fixture should be the same color. When getting a home ready to sell and stage it’s best to replace them with daylight white bulbs. This makes the home look cleaner and more inviting.
9-  Dishwasher, ensure it’s clean and ready to run for the inspector. If it has a drain trap in in clean it out before the inspection. Having the dishwasher empty lets the inspector see it run.
10- Earthquake strap on water heater. Its a cheap insurance in the event of an earthquake and required by Utah Code. Since it’s a code item, it will nearly always be called out if it is missing. They are super cheap and affordable, and most homeowners can install them on their own.
If you want to schedule a walk-through to make sure you’re fixing the right things before selling your home, reach out.


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