5 Tips on How to Spot a Good Deal Buying a Home

Are you looking to get a good deal on your next home? Here are 5 things we look for when helping our clients try to find properties under their market value.

1- Bad pictures online. If the pictures are bad, a lot of buyers won’t come see the home. This puts you in a better position for negotiating since they won’t have a ton of potential buyers.
2- As-Is. Seller is stating they don’t want to deal with any repairs, this is great because often times the repairs cost less than what people think they will cost, preventing other buyers from writing offers.
3- Over average time on market. Time on market works against sellers. Once a home is over the average days on market, buyers and agents start wondering what is wrong with the home and pass over it for the new and shiny homes on the market.
4- Not prepped for the market, rushed sale. If the home wasn’t properly prepared to be sold, this might mean the seller NEEDS to move quickly. Job change, family change, and other reasons where someone may be moving and need to move quickly.
5- Grandma’s house. If the home looks like grandma has lived in it for the last 30 years, it may be a home that is in an estate. Many buyers will pass over outdated carpet, paint, and kitchen giving you an opportunity to get the home for a deal. The best part about Grandma’s houses, they’re usually well maintained. Things like the roof, water heater, and furnace are usually well maintained.

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There are a lot of great ways to find a good deal in this market. #homebuyingtip #realestate

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