Why Do You Want A Home Inspection on Your New Home?

I often get asked what goes on during a home inspection, and why its important as a buyer to perform one.

The simple answer is, we can only see so much during a walk-through, and an inspection will go deeper looking for problems that aren’t obvious. The inspector should be well versed in the code, as well as the things that often will go wrong with homes of different ages.

Home inspectors can identify potential safety hazards and concerns. Most of them will offer additional tests, outside the visual inspection, like a MOLD test, a METH test, or a RADON test. These tests can verify that the underlying potential problems aren’t a concern in this process.

The items on the list the home inspector can be negotiated to be repaired. The purchase price reduced to compensate for the cost to do the repairs. Other times, depending on the details of the purchase, maybe you’re already getting a great deal. The seller may not agree to any additional repairs. Even in the later scenario, you should still do the inspection. This gives you a couple options, one is that you at least have a punch list of items that you can repair one-by-one after you’ve purchased the home. The other option is that you decide the work isn’t worth the price and you cancel your contract. Depending on how the offer is written, you should be able to protect all of your earnest money.

We often get pushback from builders when we request a new construction home inspection. Some builders feel it is an insult to their quality, when we schedule a home inspection on their newly built homes. However, we highly encourage our buyers to have inspections completed on these properties as well. Most of the time nothing major is found, however there are so many moving parts when building a home, it is easy to see how things could get overlooked.

Working with a competent Realtor will help protect your needs and hard earned money.

If you want to learn more about the inspection process, or the home buying process in general. We offer a first time home buying class where you will learn the process of buying a home. Where to start, and the steps you need to take to get on the path to homeownership.


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